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Intelligence and character are the results of true education

Cholan matriculation higher secondary school always strives to achieve the best


The aim of Cholan is to prepare student academically, physically and mentally for the moving into various walks of life as leaders of society, Exemplary character, Team Spirit, dedication to the cause, a Secular outlook  and desire to server society with zeal and efficiency are the qualities to be impacted by the school. We aim at good citizenship among our student in due course. We concentrate at the following growth of the students.


The philosophy of the management is not merely teach and to make the student fit for taking the public examinations successfully but also shape them into well – refined individuals with the skill of comprehension to develop the talent and abilities of the student entrusted to the schools, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are provided to build their total personality, spirit and leadership qualities to meet the challenges of the 21th Century.

Environment and Hygiene

We have good infrastructure and sanitary facilities by providing preference to environment hygiene, Our school staff attended the seminar for health and environment conducted by Chief educational Officer. The result of the seminar we have gained knowledge and also maintain good sanitation In our school campus.


Dr, Radhakrishnan Memorial Library has rich collection of the more than 5500 Volumes, 11 educational journals and 73 encyclopedias are maintaining in a beautiful manner. Our library has wonderful books and also modernization and computerized. We provided the good facilities to the student to read multi-various books and also provide reference section. We have also followed "Puthaga Poongothu" Scheme in our school….

Subject Offered:
Course offered in XI & XII
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science.
  • Commerce, Economics, Accountancy, Computer Science.
Dress Code:

Students must be dressed in the School Uniform whenever they are in the School premises. Students need to be in complete school uniform when:

  • They represent the school in any inter school event even if it is conducted during holidays.
  • When they accompany their parents for parent teacher meetings.
  • When they come to school for any reason even if it is during their study holidays.
  • Students have to wear the prescribed uniform including shoes and socks.
  • Students should wear clean and well ironed dress including tie, belt and socks along with polished shoes every day. It is very important that the ties are washed regularly.

All children are attending prayer conducting national and non-communal prayer of the school along with the thought of the day. 'News', 'Thirukkural', 'Proverb', an advice / Question based on science & technology will be asked by our staff in the Prayer Hall and sufficient time is given for the students to answer.


Based on the rules of the Tamilnadu State Matriculation Syllabus, Suitable and necessary innovations in syllabuswill be made till IX STD level as allowed by the Government of Tamilnadu.

Methods to adopt:

We follow play – way method of teaching and creative methods and Heuristic methods, etc., which yield good results. The nature of training, the techniques of Teaching, the Psychology and motivation applied are all of high calibre. So the children develop an outlook loftier than the average and an academic spectrum brader that the normal. We also conducted montessouri classes for our children by Mrs. Ashaji of Bangalore, Montessouri Training Centre, Avadi excellently. Parents who had attended the above programme have appreciated it and asked to re-arrange for such programmes often.

Special Coaching for slow learners:

Special coaching classes are being conducted in the evenings after Quarterly Examination for slow learners. On the latest assessment we are happy to note that students who attended coaching classes have shown improvement.


The school has planned to take our students to Various Scientific & Historic Places, Theme parks, Factories, Religious places, etc., as excursion with our teachers after the completion of exams.

Summer Vacation Classes:

Spoken English classes and Computer Classes are functioning from III std level in summer holidays concern of improving child purse excellence.

This School Hand Book is a vital link between parent and the school. It must be brought to school every day. Parents are required to check the diary daily and to communicate through it.


Adequate care is taken by the teachers to look into special cases and give those individual help and care. Although, in few cases it becomes mandatory to take strict disciplinary action on the following grounds.

  • Unsatisfactory effort in work
  • Use of abusive language
  • Misuse / Damage of school property
  • Bullying or Disturbing others students
  • Misbehavior with female students
  • Disobeying teachers and disrespecting school authority
  • Any misbehavior while travelling in the school vehicle.
Dear Children:

Education is not learning but becoming.
Learn from the wises people you know everyday Revisit, review and reflect on their teaching with an open heart and fresh mind. The light of their wisdom will gradually dawn within you.

  • Five Life lessons:
  • Face your fears
  • Lets life dream through you.
  • Feel your way
  • Does one think at a time?
  • Step outside your stories.
  • You don't have to control your thoughts, you just have to stop letting them control you.
  • Try to present yourself that you are happy. Slowly it becomes your Habit & Finally it becomes your character.
  • A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Keep a positive attitude.
  • If you think that you are weak, you became weak. If you think that you are powerful, you become powerful and strong.
For Parents:
  • Don't expect your child to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams. Let him enjoy his childhood and school life as an individual.
  • Never criticize you child's teacher in front of the child. You are creating a barrier in the learning process by doing this. Teach your child to respect the teachers.
  • Don't expect the school to convert your child into an Einstein. The school is a place where he / she will recognize his / her true potential and work on his / her strengths and learn to strive for excellence success will surely follow excellence.
  • Don't expect your child to behave like a miniature adult, let your child enjoy the childhood.
  • Sit with your child at times and teach him to appreciate Nature, Music, Poetry or Good Books.
  • Convert your homes from being TV homes to 'Talking' homes. Assemble in your house not around the television but to feel each other's presence.
  • Read a lot of Books / B logs about positive parenting. Parenting is an art enjoy it.