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Our Twenty Courtesy Points

  1. All students should stand in respect when any teacher or a visitor enters the class room. They must remain standing till they are asked it sit. They must repeat the same gesture when the person leaves the class room.
  2. Students wishing to enter the class rooms when the teacher is in the room should wait outside the door for permission to enter.
  3. Always be polite and exhibit maximum courtesy when you speak to either a teacher or elderly person. Do not lounge when you do so.
  4. Treat old people with respect and help them whenever they need it.
  5. It would be courteous to say, "Can I help you?" to any stranger in the school building who obviously does not know the way around or need some help.
  6. When you find an adult trying to enter the same room that you would also like to enter, please stand aside and let him/her enter first and you later.
  7. If a teacher or any adult drops anything, it is polite to pick it up and hand it over to him/ her.
  8. If you are seated in a crowded bus and an old person gets in and finds no vacant seat, it is possible for you to stand up and offer your seat.
  9. Students should greet teachers with respect and adult known to them with respect either with both hands (Namasthe) or with the right hand (salute)
  10. When greeting people it is better to say "Good morning, good afternoon" etc. than "Hello".
  11. If you have to pass close in front of anyone always say "Excuse me sir or madam".
  12. When speaking to visitors in school, address a lady as "Madam" and gentleman as "Sir"
  13. Chewing (Gum, Sweets etc) in public is not polite and is forbidden in the class room.
  14. Cultivate the habit of quietness, controlled movement and speech.
  15. If you did not hear properly what was said to you. say "I beg your pardon"
  16. Say "Thank you" for any service rendered to you.
  17. Kindly maintain silence in library.
  18. In the class or in the hall when the teacher or a speaker is talking to the class or the assembly keep silent.
  19. I I you must cough or sneeze in public do it quickly into a Handkerchief but refrain from doing it, if possible.
  20. Final Note: The proof of genuine good manners is the constant practice of all these courtesy points in a natural effortless and unconstructive way.